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   Passionate about teaching, João delivers Contemporary Dance and Classical Ballet classes to a wide range of movers. From professionals to dance enthusiasts, João finds interest in adapting his teaching practice to specific groups, applying different strategies to provide a both challenging and enjoyable learning experience.

Workshop Trailer:

Student Feedback

"João Maio hosts a well balanced class which mixes fitness and technique. A fantastic kick off to start the day with energy and with a smile, always with a smile!"

  ProDance Leeds' class review by Anna Cabré-Verdiell Bosch, October 2018 

(Full review:

"João's class is a brilliant warm up for the professional dancer, with exactly the right blend of high physicality and musicality as well as more gentle release based exercises, it is a really good way to start the day! João is also an excellent teacher, with clear feedback and useful verbal explanations of the exercises whilst demonstrating, which really helps the learning process."

 Gracefool Collective, April 2018

"I found João's class really fun & varied. Discovered a couple of interesting technical variations which was fascinating - how to approach movements that are really familiar to me in a totally different way, which helped me find more of a sense of ease. Super clear teaching style too.

 Open Dance Training, March 2018

"People thought the warm-up thorough but gentle, challenging without pressure, and catered for all abilities.

They also loved the development of the morning: energetic, really pushed mind and body, taught very thoroughly, fast paced but broken down well. A good mix, loved learning the rep, nicely accessible but challenging for all.

In the afternoon comments included: loved the improvisation warm-up; quite challenging; nice tasks- could have had less time on solos, a very sincere teacher; a positive atmosphere all day; really enjoyed it, a brilliant day! "

Yorkshire Movement and Dance, February 2018



" João is amazing! He pitched at the perfect difficulty and gives great feedback - I really feel like I've improved over the semester ."

" João is really good and very thorough with his teaching, pushing us technically and giving feedback."

University of Leeds: Ballet Society students, January 2018

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